Definition of flash fiction in US English:

flash fiction


  • Fiction of a type characterized by being very short, typically consisting of only a few hundred words.

    ‘I started a blog and began posting articles, short stories, and flash fiction’
    • ‘One of the pleasures of good flash fiction is that it packs a lot into a small package.’
    • ‘The form par excellence for online journals, flash fiction is quickly establishing itself as a form to be reckoned with.’
    • ‘If you're writing flash fiction, the problem may be a leaky faucet that keeps the protagonist awake.’
    • ‘And flash fiction fits into all sorts of reading spaces.’
    • ‘Naturally, this sort of gradual revelation of character can't work in flash fiction.’
    • ‘Most of the stories in this collection are flash fiction, though there are some short-shorts and a couple full short stories.’
    • ‘Here is tonight's effort, a flash fiction piece of 900 words.’
    • ‘Another technique that the writer can use in flash fiction is to write the story about a character that the reader already knows well.’
    • ‘However, there are two ways in which writers of flash fiction can nonetheless focus on event as the primary element of a story.’
    • ‘Readers can be forgiven for thinking that it's flash fiction.’
    • ‘To tell a story of character in flash fiction clearly poses special challenges.’
    • ‘The first follows naturally on the previous topic of how short flash fiction can be: How long can we make flash fiction?’
    • ‘Such minimalism may always be viewed as a shortcoming in longer fiction, but for flash fiction, it's a perfect fit.’
    • ‘What would it mean to have a successful career in flash fiction?’
    • ‘And don't get me started on the awesomeness of flash fiction.’
    • ‘The novel is Barnes's first foray into the genre after a long flirtation with flash fiction and the longer short story.’
    • ‘In writing news, I have submitted my flash fiction to an online magazine.’
    • ‘Flash fiction in general allows for satisfying stories that are told rather than shown.’
    • ‘Flash fiction can simply focus on a character who is interesting to observe for a few paragraphs.’
    • ‘This plot structure question and gradual answer works well for longer narratives, and it can work for flash fiction, too.’