Definition of flash back in US English:

flash back

phrasal verb

  • (of a person's thoughts or mind) briefly and suddenly recall a previous time or incident.

    ‘her thoughts immediately flashed back to last night’
    • ‘Her mind flashed back to the events of the evening, the dancing.’
    • ‘The events from the previous day came flashing back.’
    • ‘Her mind flashes back to yesterday at twilight, when she'd started the engine, preparing to abandon Frank and escape the woods on her own.’
    • ‘My mind kept flashing back to what happened two weeks ago.’
    • ‘Her mind flashed back to the time she first met Nick.’
    • ‘My mind immediately flashed back to my dream, and I blushed again.’
    • ‘Images kept flashing back from the previous day, what she had said… what he had said…’
    • ‘Her mind flashed back to when he was talking to her.’
    • ‘Suddenly my mind flashed back to a day eight months ago.’
    • ‘But then the look on that man's face suddenly flashed back to me.’