Definition of flash-fry in US English:



[with object]often as adjective flash-fried
  • Fry (food) briefly and at a very high temperature.

    • ‘The cuttle fish were flash fried in olive oil with garlic, sea salt and black pepper.’
    • ‘Flash fried cuddle fish was tough and not great with a bland stretchy taste.’
    • ‘The whole thing is flash fried and served with a spicy, crawfish based white sauce.’
    • ‘So rather than flash fry the whole slab, Uenosan sliced the steak into cubes and flipped them from face to face, leaving the centre of each red, raw and quivering.’
    • ‘Near here are a plethora of decent bars, night-clubs and restaurants, where the Malaga specialty is the fritura malagueno, which are small fish flash fried in olive oil.’