Definition of flange in English:



  • A projecting flat rim, collar, or rib on an object, serving to strengthen or attach or (on a wheel) to maintain position on a rail.

    ‘the flanges that held the tailpipe to the aircraft’
    • ‘The deck and hull are through bolted on an inward flange and structural knees and bulkheads are securely attached.’
    • ‘Attach the remaining short flange, then flip the flanges right side up and press along the seams.’
    • ‘Beam flanges became the rail for the trolley rigs but the beams also supported damaged roof arches during their restoration.’
    • ‘The derailment had happened when the flange of a wheel struck one half of a broken fishplate - a metal plate which holds sections of track together.’
    • ‘Saturn engineers initially viewed the pinch-weld flanges beneath the rocker panels as an excellent place to trim weight.’
    • ‘He explained that a tie joist is on the column line with both flanges attached, contributing to the stiffness of the frame.’
    • ‘It now sports a mismatched set of pony wheels, after a flange on a previous pair let go.’
    • ‘Position the floor flange so that the underside of the flange is at the level of the finished floor.’
    • ‘Tiffs grease is applied to the rail curves or train wheels to reduce noise and wear on wheel flanges.’
    • ‘Finally, they lay mesh over the flanges, position it above the plywood forms, and cast concrete on top.’
    • ‘Grab bars usually are attached to the wall by flanges, each with three screws.’
    • ‘However, at the building's lower levels, the flanges are pointed inward to prevent accidental damage.’
    • ‘The hull and deck is joined at an overlapping flange with sealant and bolts on 12-inch centers.’
    • ‘Humble dressmaker details, such as self-welting and a flat flange, are simpler than fussy ruffles.’
    • ‘Further forward, the wreck is flat to the seabed, just a few curved plates rising above the sand, some with flanges and valves projecting.’
    • ‘To ease rolling it around, the wheels have no flanges.’
    • ‘He also notes, ‘We went from a flat flange to a tough design with a specified insertion force with very tight tolerancing.’’
    • ‘The hulls and decks are joined on an inward flange and are securely bolted together through an aluminum toe rail.’
    • ‘Some package designs, particularly those incorporating centrally located flanges or reclosable lids, require forming of the top web in addition to the bottom web.’
    • ‘So, the notion of fireproof expanded to include noncombustible materials that did not conduct heat, which could distort flanges or other crucial components.’
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Late 17th century: perhaps based on Old French flanchir to bend.