Definition of flâneur in English:


(also flaneur)


  • An idler or lounger.

    • ‘A discussion of the skateboarder as flâneur invokes Baudelaire and Benjamin, among others.’
    • ‘Walter Benjamin said of the flâneur, that connoisseur of the boulevard, that the crowd ‘permeates him blissfully like a narcotic that can compensate for many humiliations.’’
    • ‘Their most common incarnation is simply a man walking through Prague, a flâneur surrendering himself to the chance meetings and crooked streets of the Czech capital.’
    • ‘The 19th-century French poet Charles Baudelaire called the flâneur the ‘perfect idler’ and the ‘passionate observer.’’
    • ‘Raising one eyebrow over a well-turned shoulder is about all this canine flâneur offers by way of a large hello.’


French, from flâner saunter, lounge.