Definition of flagrantly in US English:



  • In a conspicuously or obviously offensive way.

    ‘authorities are flagrantly violating the law by refusing to comply’
    • ‘The case system of classical Latin, as absorbed into educated early medieval usage, is frequently and flagrantly violated.’
    • ‘DVD copyright law is one of the most flagrantly abused regulatory frameworks in the world.’
    • ‘As long as they don't flagrantly violate good taste, magazines should run whatever ads are proffered.’
    • ‘But aren't they being severely penalized for repeatedly and flagrantly breaking the law?’
    • ‘The offender flagrantly abused his position of trust.’
    • ‘But in a group, one is supposed to suppress rather than flagrantly display personal expressivity.’
    • ‘There are many scented varieties among the more flagrantly fragrant bulbs traditionally known for fragrance, such as hyacinths.’
    • ‘Day in and day out, he violates welfare laws and flagrantly violates building codes and regulations.’
    • ‘I stepped away for a moment and an elderly comic started flagrantly flirting with my date.’
    • ‘So flagrantly derivative are its set-pieces that it is a struggle to find anything original in the film at all.’