Definition of flag rank in US English:

flag rank


  • The rank attained by flag officers.

    • ‘In 1972, the first Navy Nurse Corps officer, Alene Duerk, was appointed to the rank of rear admiral, becoming the first woman appointed to flag rank in the U.S. Navy.’
    • ‘Granted, many of these men, like Bradley, commanded divisions during their ascent to flag rank, but we have very few biographies and studies of the anonymous men who led the 89 divisions that mobilized during World War II.’
    • ‘But Jones was denied flag rank, due mainly to the jealous complaints of more senior captains.’
    • ‘His integrity as a scholar and admiration as a storyteller has given him access for personal interviews with more than a thousand officers of flag rank.’
    • ‘I give the military credit that the command, flag rank, has been accountable for that.’
    • ‘Many of you will be working directly with officers of flag rank.’
    • ‘He achieved flag rank in June 1938.’
    • ‘In 1925, perceiving the potential of aviation, Reeves trained as a naval aviation observer and became the first aviation officer promoted to flag rank.’
    • ‘In August 1927, he was rewarded for his hard work and excellence by selection for flag rank, the first aviation officer in the fleet to achieve this promotion.’
    • ‘Reeves, the first flight qualified naval officer to be promoted to flag rank, was the principal sea-going aviation officer of the Navy for many years during the 1920s and 1930s.’
    • ‘Former brigade commanders who go on to flag rank would also be excellent role models and mentors for the younger officers going through any course as students.’
    • ‘‘The responsibility of flag rank should be taken with great humility,’ he said.’
    • ‘Indeed, attendance at the Naval War College became a virtual rite of passage to obtain flag rank during this period.’
    • ‘Was this promising brigade commander passed over for promotion to flag rank because of Ricks’ reporting?’
    • ‘Among sister services, the Naval Academy class of 1908 is certainly in the running for that title, 32 of its graduates having attained flag rank.’
    • ‘In order to progress in rank, position, and authority, officers will be required to serve at least one tour prior to selection for flag rank.’
    • ‘Before promotion to flag rank in 1970, he served in destroyers (including off Korea and Vietnam) and in share assignments including duty as executive assistant and naval aide to two Secretaries of the Navy.’
    • ‘Finally, the attaché said that France is assigning two officers of flag rank to NATO positions.’