Definition of flabbiness in US English:



  • See flabby

    • ‘The correct use of muscles can reshape the body, lift sagging cheeks, melt away double chins, middle-age spread and abdominal bulges, restore elasticity to the skin, iron out creepy necks and eliminate flabbiness.’
    • ‘Its flabbiness strongly suggested that Charles indulged a little too heavily in the good life.’
    • ‘He looks broader than ever but these days it looks less like flabbiness and more like someone who works out, which is more in keeping with the character.’
    • ‘A strong sense of urgency can even help to disguise a certain flabbiness in the opinion itself.’
    • ‘He wasn't lean, like her brothers, but he didn't have the flabbiness that so many nobles have from a lifetime of good food.’
    fat, fatness, fleshiness, plumpness, chubbiness, portliness, rotundity, meatiness, obesity, corpulence, bloatedness, grossness
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