Definition of fixing in English:



  • 1The process of deciding or planning something.

    ‘the fixing of the date of the hearing’
    ‘the fixing of a fair and reasonable price’
    • ‘Sligo county athletics board should put a lot of thought into the fixing of a date for their championships.’
    • ‘The government managed to control inflation by the fixing of wages and prices.’
    • ‘I accept there were delays on the fixing of legal fees and delays on the review as well.’
    • ‘Section 8 provides for the fixing of a date on which the extradition hearing is to begin and with questions of remand and so forth.’
    • ‘The first steps would involve closer coordination of monetary policies and some fixing of exchange rates.’
    • ‘The present overcapacity of production is such that a fixing of prices cannot be expected for the next few years.’
    • ‘The judges' recommendation in this respect, however, was relevant only to the fixing of the date for the first review.’
    • ‘Later in June the parties were consulted and consented to the fixing of a trial date.’
    • ‘The fixing of the date of Easter was causing a lot of controversy in the church in Ireland just before the middle of the seventh century.’
    • ‘It is also important for us to consider the constitutional arrangements concerning the fixing of the election date in Jamaica.’
    • ‘Farmers object to the Agriculture Ministry's fixing of prices for a quintal of rice at $14.50 and corn at $7.50.’
    • ‘A number of responses from local schools urged the Government to make a decision on the issue rather than the fixing of term times being left to individual local education authorities.’
    1. 1.1fixings Apparatus or equipment for a particular purpose.
      ‘picnic fixings’
      • ‘‘With a sled, I can also carry firewood or all the fixings for a picnic,’ Cheryl says.’
      • ‘Some of the most damaging ties are fastened around trees for secondary purposes, for washing lines, swings or bird box fixings.’
    2. 1.2North American The ingredients necessary to make a dish or meal.
      ‘have all the fixings ready before starting’
      • ‘It's the kind of spread that conquers restraint: big, juicy burgers with your favorite fixings, fresh corn on the cob, smoky baked beans.’
      • ‘The parents provide all the fixings for the children to make root beer floats.’
      • ‘Keep a condiment tray in the refrigerator stocked with your favorite nonfat hot-and-spicy fixings: fresh herbs, hot sauce, mustard, salsas, chutneys and spices.’
      • ‘All the fixings for a delicious sundae bar are attractive enough to be a centerpiece - and within easy reach of every sticky finger.’
      • ‘Though this petite sandwich may remind you of tea-party fixings, the wallop of flavor will put you in a dance-party mood.’
      • ‘Other plans involve an early dinner with G. in honor of my birthday tomorrow and then on the day itself I'll be up and out to get the fixings for beef barley stew.’
      • ‘Help a less fortunate family for Christmas by providing all the fixings for a Christmas meal, presents for the children and clothes if needed.’
      • ‘We got everything that came with a lunch; the milk, the taco salad with all the fixings in their little plastic cups, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a cup of Jello with the little dab of whipped cream on top.’
      • ‘As Rocky went to the refrigerator the get sandwich fixings, Lucie said, ‘I hope you weren't too upset that Katie showed up at your show on Friday,’’
      • ‘Make healthier chef and cob salads by using darker, organic greens and free-range and organic meats, cheeses and dairy instead of conventional fixings and iceberg or romaine lettuce.’
      • ‘A lunch comprising an assortment of cold cuts and sandwich fixings and gourmet bread was served on the mess deck.’
      • ‘A steamy drama unfolds on the other side of the counter at Ella's, where a fast-stepping staff prepares fixings for the evening meal while you're chewing breakfast.’
      • ‘I convinced her to let me wheel her across the parking lot to Central Market to get the fixings for the baked potato supper I'm planning for Movie Group tomorrow night.’
      • ‘Alright, she thought to herself as she went to the fridge for the rest of the salad fixings, this is the easy part.’
      • ‘Or you can start with all the fixings for bagels and lox: plentiful smoked salmon, lemon wedges, capers, thinly sliced onion and a bowl of cloud-like cream cheese.’
      • ‘That just-like-home sensation repeats itself each morning in the dining room where fixings for make-your-own Belgian waffles are waiting.’
      • ‘These Vietnamese sandwiches take advantage of leftovers from dinner, but you can use different fixings to make Mexican tortas, Italian panini, or American deli sandwiches.’
      • ‘As I got the fixings and put them on the kitchen counter, I remembered that first day that I had met Cori.’
      • ‘Whole-meal salads - especially appropriate for summer time - may need only minutes to toss together (if the fixings are in the refrigerator).’
      • ‘Preprepped fixings, already cleaned, chopped, shredded, seasoned, marinated or cooked, cut precious time for getting food from kitchen to table.’
  • 2The action of fastening something in place.

    ‘the fixing of additional strengthening steelwork’
    • ‘Tthe veneering of the interior had to be the last stage in the manufacture process, following the completion and polishing of the exterior marquetry and the fixing of the bronzes.’
    • ‘Our knowledgeable management team offers a complete service dealing with the design, manufacture, delivery and fixing of the structural elements.’
    • ‘In approximately three to six months, the bone grows firmly around the surface of the implant, paving the way for the fixing of the prosthetic superstructure.’
    • ‘The concrete sleeper can be cast to any required form, to provide for the fixing of the rail at the right gauge.’
    • ‘A further group of craftsmen carried out the more menial tasks of glass cutting, firing, leading, and fixing of the windows.’
    • ‘The Court notes at the outset that the fixing of the listening device and the recording of the applicant's conversation were not unlawful in the sense of being contrary to domestic criminal law.’
    • ‘In my view, it was someone inexperienced who carried out the fixing of the spool to the spindle, which is why it was not properly fitted.’
    1. 2.1British Screws, bolts, or other items used to fix or assemble building material, furniture, or equipment.
      • ‘Two or four holes in the base, again outside the sealed area, enable the base to be fixed to a surface with no visible fixings once the lid is fixed to the body.’
      • ‘The arrangement and integrity of the rafters, wattles, battens and fixings in most of the buildings with medieval thatch suggest that their base coats were applied when the buildings were first constructed.’
      • ‘Small pieces of veneer were cut out to reveal the fixings inside the drop-front and the lower doors.’
      • ‘My grandad was an engineer by trade and we had loads of tools and boxes of nails, screws, hooks and no end of other fixings.’
      • ‘All three 48 x 20 x 41 cm cases use thumb screws instead of conventional fixings.’
      • ‘It works perfectly, avoiding the inconvenience of seeing heavy furniture sink slowly into the floor, but is such a strong mix that normal DIY tools and fixings can't penetrate it.’
      • ‘He landed hard and suddenly the platform cracked from its fixings.’
      • ‘Although at first sight it is a single panel and it is fixed onto a later wooden backing which had a hook at the top, it also has the traces of fixings on the left side.’
      • ‘An alternative type of fixing is a wedge, called a plug, which is inserted into the mortar joint between the bricks.’
      • ‘You end up with a whole lot of loose nails and your fixings are correspondingly insecure.’
      • ‘He pleaded guilty to burglary on the basis that he had been paid 500 to take part by barging the cash machine off its fixings.’
      • ‘Other damage results directly from human actions, from metal fixings that corrode or react with stone, and from inappropriate combinations of different types of stone.’
      • ‘The company is a distributor of hardware, hand and power tools, industrial fasteners and fixings, furniture fitting and ironmongery products to the industrial and retail sectors.’
      • ‘It specialises in making bolts and fixings for power stations and the oil industry, but not many of those are being built in Europe these days.’
      • ‘I know he fell in the bowl because the seat had come away from its fixings and the toilet clip-on freshener was stuck down the ‘U’ bend.’
      • ‘There are also front screw fixings for securing to a back panel.’
      • ‘Using the new fixings in the replacement sheets is fine, but we will probably need to use hook-bolt fixings in the old sheets.’
      • ‘Supply and fix all necessary associated flashings, galvanised gutters, fillers, ventilated fillers, closers and fixings to form a totally weathertight construction on completion.’
      • ‘Many other details, from the staircase treads to the fixings, were also executed in plastic, while, for pragmatic reasons, the load-bearing structure was made of steel.’
  • 3The action of mending or repairing something.

    ‘the roof needs fixing’
    ‘problems in need of fixing’
    • ‘He and his colleagues regard the fixing of the club's economic ills as their main priority.’
    • ‘The pair have methodically gone about improving a swing that few seemed to think was in need of fixing.’
    • ‘Vigilantes aren't the problem, it's the system which creates them that needs fixing!’
    • ‘There's a simple icon to enable automatic fixing of both problems, which works extremely quickly.’
    • ‘I had one girl one day break down on me when I told her this car's not worth fixing.’
    • ‘So husbands, don't groan next time your wife says the guttering needs fixing.’
    • ‘Often, of course, it's judicious fixing of the director's first attempt that saves a turkey, or elevates it from being tolerable to something rather better.’
    • ‘When he rejoined the retailer as chief executive officer last April, he quickly drew up a laundry list of 30 things that needed fixing.’
    • ‘A food log can be a wake-up call to improve habits we didn't even know needed fixing.’
    • ‘By then the water main may have sprung a leak which needs fixing in the middle of the night.’
    • ‘It was a harmless bug, but still needed fixing.’
    • ‘A check of more than a dozen dealerships by NBC News on Monday revealed that no fixing of the vehicle ignition problem has begun.’
    • ‘Plumber's probably going to be here on Monday to fix the boiler (nearly £500 worth of fixing to do) which we could really do without.’
    • ‘An 80-year-old man let two men into his home after they said his boiler needed fixing.’
    • ‘I ate the light lunch I'd been promised in return for the fixing of the computer.’
  • 4informal The illegal or underhand influencing of the outcome of something such as a race, game, or election.

    ‘police investigating the alleged fixing of horse races’
    ‘several laws restricted the fixing of retail prices’
    • ‘Sixteen people including three jockeys and a trainer were arrested today in a probe into alleged fixing of horse races.’
    • ‘Allegations of widespread corruption and fixing are regularly doing the rounds and smaller clubs are struggling to attract supporters in the face of the marketing onslaught of the big two.’
    • ‘"All this controversy about drugs in sport and the fixing of sporting results, to my eyes, makes the integrity of horse racing look rather good," he wrote.’
    • ‘Six men have been arrested by police investigating alleged fixing in English football matches, amid claims of attempts to defraud Asian betting websites.’
    • ‘The punishments announced by the CFA follow the revelations earlier this month of widespread fixing of European football matches.’
    • ‘An unnamed whistleblower outlined in detail to Ireland On Sunday how he took part in such fixing, at times casting as many as four votes in the same election.’
    • ‘The fixing of football matches - or soccer as it's known in Australia and the United States - has been around for decades, but some experts warn it's now endemic worldwide.’
    • ‘The ICC's anti-corruption officials have also been probing allegations of fixing during some international matches, cricket chiefs have said.’
    • ‘Investigators told the news conference an Asia-based crime syndicate is behind the fixing of the 380 matches.’
    • ‘Some analysts speculated that the attack might have been connected to his reporting on the alleged fixing of soccer matches.’