Definition of fixer-upper in US English:



North American
  • A house in need of repairs (used chiefly in connection with the purchase of such a house).

    • ‘But if they don't want to go that risky route, they might have to settle for a fixer-upper or a condo.’
    • ‘When Jack and I decided to escape the frantic pace of Philadelphia, we spent many weekends driving in the country, hoping to find a little fixer-upper.’
    • ‘That'll buy you a fixer-upper in downtown Aspen - or your own little national park down here.’
    • ‘His homestead bungalow of bedlam becomes more of a fixer-upper as the years stroll by.’
    • ‘Their goal was to find a fixer-upper with an ocean view in an area that was no more than a five-minute drive from town.’
    • ‘So Simpson began looking at brownstone fixer-uppers, something she hadn't even considered.’
    • ‘Sometimes they bought fixer-uppers, which required cash to revitalize aging factories and old products.’
    • ‘She's looking to purchase a fixer-upper - a single-family home or three-unit apartment building - that she can get at a good price and resell later at a profit.’
    • ‘‘If you purchase a place as a fixer-upper,’ says Donagan, ‘get it fixed up all at once, even if you have to take out an acquisition and rehab loan.’’
    • ‘If those are the pertinent questions, then you may be about to close the deal on a fixer-upper.’
    • ‘A few weeks after our first child, Molly, was born, we bought an old fixer-upper in town.’
    • ‘While there will always be a market for cute little fixer-uppers, most buyers today want big houses with big, modern kitchens and bathrooms.’
    • ‘Got my eye on a couple, but my first choice is a fixer-upper.’
    • ‘I wanted to find a place in the country, an old house, a pretty fixer-upper, but most importantly without any established garden.’
    • ‘You find yourself a little house, a real fixer-upper, and you plunk down most of your money, intending to do some of the renovating yourself on weekends.’
    • ‘He says it's best to buy a moderately priced home that can appreciate, or buy a fixer-upper, make the repairs, and reap the financial benefit.’
    • ‘You've bought a fixer-upper with a neglected yard, and you want to make it pretty.’
    • ‘Agents say that even poorly tended fixer-uppers in these neighborhoods are getting caught up in bidding wars.’
    • ‘Here are their words of wisdom for others considering a fixer-upper.’
    • ‘We found that we could get a brand-new home with a mountain view and large rooms for the boys for the same price as a fixer-upper.’