Definition of fixed-line in US English:



  • Denoting or relating to telecommunications systems using cables laid across land, as opposed to cellular radio systems.

    • ‘Hungary's alternative telecom operators are looking forward to lower interconnection fees in the fixed-line market from 1 May.’
    • ‘He said heavy regulation had reduced competition in the fixed-line sector.’
    • ‘The mobile phone users are 340 million already, even more than fixed-line users.’
    • ‘In India, where fixed-line broadband links are rare, many will get their first taste of speedy surfing over a wireless network.’
    • ‘Eircom still has the bulk of the home fixed line market.’
    • ‘Without a few court victories or legislative intervention, the outlook could be grim indeed for the new operators in the fixed-line phone business.’
    • ‘The new rates mean Irish phone users will pay the highest fixed line rental charge in the European Union.’
    • ‘We earlier had a basic service license due to which we could only provide fixed line services.’
    • ‘Both factors are posing a threat to fixed-line carriers.’
    • ‘Business customers who spend more than € 50 per month on fixed-line costs are automatically offered a discount tariff.’
    • ‘System integrator LogicaCMG is to bring Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to fixed lines.’
    • ‘From 2.1 phones per 100 Pakistanis in 1999, the number of fixed lines has crept up to just 2.9 per 100 today.’
    • ‘According to insiders, the scheme will be open to BT's fixed line customers regardless of their mobile phone operator.’
    • ‘In the telecom sector, the cost of fixed line calls has fallen, reflecting cheaper calls to mobile phones.’
    • ‘The benefit to the general public is also quite dubious, mainly due to the inclusion of the fixed-line telephones in the sale.’
    • ‘Someone with a mobile phone will be able to text a KC fixed line.’
    • ‘Thanks to the march of the mobile phone through developing nations, the fixed-line opportunity is confined to the first world.’
    • ‘Carphone Warehouse, the UK's biggest mobile phone retailer, is to start flogging fixed line services from its shops.’
    • ‘A 1.1 percentage point decrease in the number of fixed lines might seem like a drop in a bucket.’
    • ‘We are engaged in a number of major strategic initiatives to reposition our fixed line business.’