Definition of fix someone's wagon in US English:

fix someone's wagon


  • Bring about a person's downfall or spoil their chances of success.

    • ‘This should fix his wagon and get him to eat some veggies!’
    • ‘Until recently, Earl had always called his son Little Ray, but his wife nagged him so much about using just the boy's proper name that he took to calling him Just Ray - just to fix her wagon.’
    • ‘Keisha is going to fix his wagon, once and for all.’
    • ‘He tells them both that's he gonna fix their wagon for good, and you just know he means it.’
    • ‘We shall fix his wagon at some stage but for now he's draining my creative juices and Gill's too.’
    • ‘Other teams would have the whole summer to find a way to fix his wagon.’
    • ‘He's off addressing a rally, railing at a do-nothing Legislature, at greedy teachers and nurses, saying he'll fix their wagon with a special election this fall.’
    • ‘The old soldier, who learned a long time ago to recognize deception and diversion, is gonna fix their wagon.’
    • ‘And since the governor plans to withhold our tax refund an extra month, we'll fix her wagon and file our return a month earlier.’
    • ‘If you move your car but don't sit in it until 8, the parking officer going up and down the block issuing $50 tickets will fix your wagon.’