Definition of fittingly in US English:



  • In a way that is suitable or appropriate under the circumstances.

    ‘obituaries fittingly described him as a master of figures’
    sentence adverb ‘perhaps fittingly, Scotland has its share of outdoor clothing firms’
    • ‘The story begins—fittingly for this paragon of self-invention—with a name change.’
    • ‘Fittingly for a sport with strong rural origins, the two principal buildings take their cues from the simple, expressive functionalism of Australian vernacular farm structures.’
    • ‘The disputatious ceremony concludes, fittingly enough, with a traffic jam involving two processions trying to go in opposite directions.’
    • ‘Hardly a month passes without someone in a black gown having to lay down the law on matters so fluid they might be more fittingly served in a saloon.’
    • ‘He questions that which he observes and, fittingly, has the last word on the proceedings.’
    • ‘The graphic violence is fittingly shocking at first, but as it goes on and on, it becomes almost comical.’
    • ‘The opening of Haydn's 'Drum Roll' is fittingly ominous.’
    • ‘It was stunning, and quite fittingly, left the audience speechless.’
    • ‘Fittingly, the journey home at the end occurs at night, as though people are returning to the 'darkness' of their weekly routine.’
    • ‘This was a superb performance, which fittingly celebrated the group's twenty-fifth anniversary.’