Definition of fishing rod in US English:

fishing rod


  • A long, tapering rod to which a fishing line is attached, typically on a reel.

    • ‘A dedicated angler may spend more of his life holding his fishing rod, than he does holding his wife.’
    • ‘Anglers bristling with fishing rods parade to their boats, preparing to hook their mythic marlins.’
    • ‘There are many manufacturers of fly fishing rods.’
    • ‘He received a new fishing rod and reel instead for his efforts.’
    • ‘It was stocked full of hand made fishing flies, lures, fishing rods, fly-tying material and reels.’
    • ‘Arrows, knives, axes, and fishing rods are piled up in one corner.’
    • ‘One aspect of the trip was the Norwegian disinfecting methods of all fishing equipment, waders, fishing rods, even flies and spinners.’
    • ‘Police told her the thieves had put a fishing rod or something similar through the letterbox and hooked the car keys off the shelf, which was 8ft or 9ft from the front door.’
    • ‘You can attempt a land-based rescue using whatever is at hand - your fishing rod or landing net can be ideal implements to tow someone to the side.’
    • ‘All fishing rods are designed for a particular purpose, be it long range, short range or somewhere in between.’
    • ‘The floor is covered with mats made from enormous leaves; there are baskets and bags stacked along a wall; spears, fishing rods and harpoons are propped in a corner.’
    • ‘Customers can hire a fishing rod and bait and dangle it over the tank and try to catch their dinner.’
    • ‘She said her boys had fishing rods, a net and knives to clean the fish they caught.’
    • ‘Then, he hoisted himself up beside her after reeling in his line and putting the fishing rod on the sturdy dock.’
    • ‘There's an old man sitting on a float holding a fishing rod, to which is attached a small stuffed fish that he pretends to catch again and again.’
    • ‘Quickly and happily, I went back to the truck to grab my fishing rod and some bait.’
    • ‘They spent an instructive five minutes trying to untangle fishing rods, another five minutes hooking the bait on, and another five minutes trying to cast the rods out to a respectable distance.’
    • ‘Wet weather on Saturday and Sunday failed to stop around 100 people from meeting at the beach with their fishing rods.’
    • ‘The arrival of the South-West Monsoon signals a season of fun with fishing rods, nets and baits for many in the city.’
    • ‘Entering the gallery, one saw four fishing rods bent over a large copper plate with some water on it.’


fishing rod

/ˈfɪʃɪŋ ˌrɑd//ˈfiSHiNG ˌräd/