Definition of fishing pole in US English:

fishing pole


North American
  • A fishing rod, especially a simple one with no reel.

    • ‘He put his fishing pole between two rocks and waded into the water.’
    • ‘He tugged on the fishing pole, then let out some more of the line.’
    • ‘He rises slowly from the edge of the stream, takes a moment to catch his breath, and finally starts to make a fishing pole out of a small log lying near by.’
    • ‘The fishing pole holder uses clasps that fit into the rails and keeps disassembled fishing poles secure during transport.’
    • ‘Then I find this manual that tells me about fishing poles and bait, and how to cast and what to do when the line gets taut.’
    • ‘And we need to make sure we have supplies like fire wood and things to make fishing poles with.’
    • ‘Sometimes they became fishing poles or even kites.’
    • ‘The people who had packed the pier from railing to railing for the grand opening were gone, leaving behind just a few bundled-up regulars with fishing poles, coolers and carts.’
    • ‘Police hunting cunning car thieves who use fishing poles and hooks to get their hands on the keys to high powered cars have made a series of arrests.’
    • ‘Simply get a fishing pole, put a hook on the line and find a spot.’
    • ‘Well, we're going to take some of our fishing poles to the beach tomorrow.’
    • ‘We had a pack of food and sleeping bags and two fishing poles, but no swimming suits.’
    • ‘They baited the little fishing poles and began at once.’
    • ‘He takes back the bag and grabs a fishing pole and starts to hook a gummy worm onto the hook.’
    • ‘The dark-haired boy leaned over to pick up his fishing pole.’
    • ‘Using this resource material, campers learned how to make simple fishing poles using aluminum cans and how to identify the different types of fish they would catch.’
    • ‘Darren frowned and hobbled over to the fishing poles.’
    • ‘I grabbed a fishing pole and walked down an isle.’
    • ‘A short perennial grass used to make measuring rods, walking sticks, fishing poles and musical instruments.’
    • ‘Keep the thumb on top and snap the wrist like you are using a hammer or casting a fishing pole.’