Definition of fishbowl in US English:



  • 1A round glass bowl for keeping pet fish in.

    • ‘The hostess double-takes at the sight of a panda and large, muscle-bound man in a suit and tie carrying a lobster in a fishbowl.’
    • ‘Sat perfectly still inside the fishbowl was a small aquarium dweller.’
    • ‘Indeed as you turn your head from side to side, the 3D images appear to bow out to you like a true three-dimensional fishbowl.’
    • ‘He compares our bodies to that of a fish in a fishbowl.’
    • ‘When I get to the house, the fishbowl on the porch is empty.’
    1. 1.1US A place open to public view and criticism.
      ‘there was no privacy in his office; it was a fishbowl’
      • ‘I hated what it had become, a fishbowl for TV journalists who wanted to pontificate about the unknown poor in the city.’
      • ‘To add insult to injury, the citizens will fund the very system that will reduce their lives to a transparent fishbowl.’
      • ‘Now, he's going to the biggest fishbowl in sports, where the rabid New York tabloid papers and sports talk radio will dissect everything he says and does.’
      • ‘There is a distinct similarity between the two men, both of whom spent a brief period atop golf's World Ranking, neither of whom has grown accustomed to life in golf's fishbowl.’
      • ‘I think one of the things that I learned from politics is that you really have to open up your life and live in a fishbowl to be an elected official.’
      • ‘Working with Madonna is like working in a fishbowl: the whole world is watching.’
      • ‘We're a little bit more used to the media ties, the environment in which we live and the necessity of operating in kind of a media fishbowl all the time.’
      • ‘But from outside the fishbowl, it just reinforces the impression that nothing they say can be taken at face value.’
      • ‘One of the original ideas behind the Wrestling site was to include a blog, thus allowing the public a look into our glorious fishbowl.’
      • ‘The chef will be in the TV fishbowl as cameras chronicle life in the kitchens and in the dining room.’
      • ‘And the downside of fame is that ‘you're always in the fishbowl, so have to be aware of what you're doing.’’
      • ‘When I feel I've had too much press or I'm in a fishbowl I just go home.’
      • ‘Are you willing to lead by example in everything you do - to live in a fishbowl with your personal and professional life open to view?’
      • ‘I'm thinking in particular of people in high and not-so-high places in the Bahamas that used to hide behind curtains and anonymity and now the curtain has been drawn and they are in a fishbowl.’