Definition of fish meal in US English:

fish meal

(also fishmeal)


  • Ground dried fish used as fertilizer or animal feed.

    • ‘Fishmeal has a distinctive odor; it is recommended that fishmeal be introduced gradually into rations to avoid feed refusals.’
    • ‘Even young plants are eager to bloom, and they are free of disease and pests if grown in full sun, deeply mulched, and fertilized in spring with fishmeal or fish emulsion.’
    • ‘About 750 million tonnes of sand eels are caught every year for use in fishmeal and oil used to manufacture feed for salmon farms.’
    • ‘High-protein ingredients, such as fishmeal, are expensive because supplies are limited and in demand for other animal feeds.’
    • ‘Global prices of fishmeal, fish oil and canned fish are at an all-time low and markets are stagnant due to oversupply, mostly from South Africa but also from Thailand, Chile and Peru.’
    fertilizer, mulch
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