Definition of first refusal in English:

first refusal


  • The privilege of deciding whether to accept or reject something before it is offered to others.

    ‘tenants have a right of first refusal if the landlord proposes to sell the property’
    • ‘Most front office men resign themselves to the idea that teams with the right of first refusal will match any offer extended to a restricted player, so they tend not to bother with the process.’
    • ‘The Rhinos have got a young, talented stand-off in Danny McGuire now, but the point is not whether they want Iestyn or not - it's getting first refusal.’
    • ‘Wigan could be offered first refusal on quality youngsters coming through the Brazilian's Junior Academy which is based in Rio de Janeiro.’
    • ‘Being the affable man he is, he soon befriended local shopkeepers, and won their trust to be offered first refusal on any stock they were chucking out.’
    • ‘They offered the museum first refusal and the decision was taken to apply for grant aid.’
    • ‘But they are now firmly of the opinion that they should have first refusal on any semi-state land that becomes available in the vicinity of the town to help clear their growing housing list.’
    • ‘Former Crammer Court tenants were offered first refusal on the flats and more than 20 are to return.’
    • ‘It is not clear whether similar discounts will be applied to those who buy subsequent tranches, or whether those handouts are repayable if the property is sold back: the landlord has first refusal.’
    • ‘It makes it clear that if one person wants out then the other two have first refusal.’
    • ‘The Headingley-based club believe they have first refusal on former Great Britain stand-off Harris, 28, who left Leeds three years ago to switch to union.’
    • ‘The council, which has struggled in recent years to acquire land in the town for local authority housing, is hoping to get first refusal on any land sale around the existing hospital.’
    • ‘The group also reiterated the need for more affordable childcare and local authority housing, though they pointed out that local people should be given first refusal.’
    • ‘I hope that's the case, because obviously he should have first refusal at translating the novel into a movie.’
    • ‘That's not exactly what a right of first refusal is about; it doesn't stop me from selling my factory - rather, it only controls whom I sell it to, and tends to do it in a way that still leaves me able to make a profit from the sale.’
    • ‘But if he does decide to sell, then the holder of the right of first refusal has the right to receive the first offer, which he also may accept or not as he wishes.’
    • ‘This is not the way it should have been done, but the company has been very busy and I have always had first refusal on the hotel.’
    • ‘The housing associations will be offered first refusal to buy back their former property if the owner subsequently moves.’
    • ‘They were offered first refusal at a price of $17, 000.00 for house and land.’
    • ‘The Bears protected their right of first refusal with the offer.’
    • ‘Executive members are thought likely to back the second option, under which Harrison would build 40 ‘affordable’ houses and sell them to a housing association which would offer existing tenants first refusal.’


first refusal

/fərst rəˈfjuzəl/