Definition of first family in US English:

first family


  • 1A family considered to rank first in social prestige or pedigree in a particular place.

    • ‘Indeed, he makes no secret of the assistance he received from Iran's first family of cinema.’
    • ‘It was also a way of establishing the lineage of the country's first families, since the length of time one's family had occupied the land often became a measure of status.’
    • ‘She may not be in active politics yet, but being a member of India's first family, her movements are still the subject of lively living-room chatter, much like Prince William in Britain.’
    • ‘If, as they say, Christmas is a time for family, then the first family of Celtic music in Alberta, The McDades, is doing it up right.’
    • ‘‘They are one of the first families of West Virginia racing,’ said Charles Town Chief Steward Danny Wright.’
    • ‘As a Randolph, Nancy belonged to a first family of Virginia.’
    • ‘When his first wife died, he picked a second from another of Virginia's first families (the Byrds), and when she died he did so yet again (this time a Beale).’
    1. 1.1 The family of the president of the US or of the governor of a US state, or of the chief executive of another political unit.
      • ‘As you said, Nic, the first family headed outside Washington to an elementary school to talk about the programs.’
      • ‘The author devotes considerable attention to presidential pastimes and the recreation habits of the first families.’
      • ‘It's not a private matter when the children of the nation's first family break the law.’
      • ‘However, none of former presidents or vice presidents arrived to greet the first family.’
      • ‘On that note, at this time let me invite our readers to consider submitting essays on a topic pertaining to presidential history, the White House, first families, or a similar topic.’
      • ‘After accounting for income tax and government transfers, the first family's net income is $42,860.’
      • ‘Her painting, Music at the White House: The President's Own was commissioned by the first family as the cover for their holiday invitations.’
      • ‘The President and first family had been moved immediately again to a secure holding facility in an underground location and so would be able to survive whatever the madman had planned.’
      • ‘On the night of the 2004 presidential elections, Draper was the only photographer with the first family for the entire evening.’
      • ‘Oh the first family and the main Presidential staff were already moved to a safe location, but the stadium evacuation was moving along nicely, keeping Eric in the dark, at least for the time being.’
      • ‘President Bush arrived here in Texas a couple of days ago, accompanied by the first family, Laura Bush, of course, the first lady, and their twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara Bush.’
      • ‘Heading the Houston entourage are, of course, first family members - former President and first lady George and Barbara Bush and Neil and Maria Bush, who are bunking at the White House.’
      • ‘Indeed, it could be said he is obsessed with the first family of American politics.’
      • ‘The swimming outing did not take place until one year later when the first family found themselves in a retreat in Tampaksiring presidential palace in Bali.’
      • ‘We're very close to the first family and to the governor of California.’
      • ‘It's beautifully situated because it's right opposite the elevator so the president and first family can just walk across.’


first family