Definition of first down in English:

first down


American Football
  • A gain of ten yards or more in field position during a series of downs, permitting the offensive team to attempt another series of downs.

    • ‘Seattle's first-string offense had just 16 total yards and no first downs in the first quarter.’
    • ‘Next time your favorite team misses a first down by one or two chain links, remember those lost inches that nobody seems to care about.’
    • ‘The Chiefs' last two games have yielded some huge numbers - more than 70 first downs, 1,000 total yards and 101 points.’
    • ‘The first-team offense netted 297 yards and 12 first downs.’
    • ‘Carr scrambled away from the rush and found Bradford for an 8-yard completion and a first down.’


first down

/fərst daʊn/