Definition of first cost in US English:

first cost


  • another term for prime cost
    • ‘Or should you just use rooftop units that have to be replaced in 7 years with lower first costs but increased energy expense each year?’
    • ‘While finding a balance is important for every building owner, most industry sources say long term operating costs will almost always be greater than first costs.’
    • ‘That might make it possible to remove a row of direct/indirect fixtures and use wall washers to reduce first costs while providing bright space.’
    • ‘In determining the best option, facility executives must look beyond first costs to evaluate which one best meets the economic, comfort and aesthetic needs of the facility.’
    • ‘Why are few factors beyond first costs considered when selecting flooring?’
    • ‘As architectural clients, developers are highly sensitive to first costs, so this example suggests there's a market for the quality of architecture that sustainability provides.’
    • ‘The following case studies reflect a systematic approach to design - in each case yielding lower first costs for the building owners.’
    • ‘Carriers need to minimize first costs and realize revenue and payback as soon as possible after equipment is purchased.’
    • ‘It's not just first costs that can shoot out of control.’
    • ‘Other factors include maintenance expenses and whether any of the first costs can be passed on to tenants or recouped if the facility is sold.’
    • ‘While high-efficiency motors are more costly than standard efficiency ones, the additional first costs can typically be recovered in one to two years.’
    • ‘Gasoline-driven generators have the lowest first costs.’
    • ‘It would have taken more time to implement and would have increased first costs, but long-term savings would have been much greater.’
    • ‘When examining flooring options, there are a number of factors that must be examined in addition to first costs.’
    • ‘In New York City and other areas with high energy costs, the ability to tap natural gas during peak air conditioning periods can help facility executives recoup their first costs in the first year.’
    • ‘While first costs and appearance are important, many other factors must be considered.’
    • ‘Such windows have high first costs, but a low life-cycle cost because they help eliminate the need for mechanical ventilation.’
    • ‘By simply considering first costs, facility executives will miss many opportunities to improve operating efficiency.’
    • ‘Building owners interested in minimizing first costs can also help themselves by having an open mind about a building's appearance and operation.’
    • ‘The software programs are complex and not foolproof, but owners and designers are increasingly turning to them to cut first costs and improve building performance.’


first cost

/fərst kɔst/