Definition of first class in English:

first class


  • 1A set of people or things grouped together as the best.

    post, letters, packages, parcels, correspondence, communications, airmail
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    1. 1.1The best and most expensive seating or accommodations in a plane, train, or ship.
      ‘a seat in first class’
      best, pick, cream, flower, nonpareil, elect
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    2. 1.2British The highest division in the results of the examinations for a university degree.
      • ‘Although the 1st Infantry Division was a first-class unit, it did suffer the occasional bad officer.’
      • ‘But where can you go to find sublime destinations and premier lodging when you really want to go first-class?’
      • ‘Editor John McLellan has worked exceptionally hard to make his a first-class evening newspaper.’
      • ‘It's always a pleasure to try fruit driven wines, produced from local grapes which have been enhanced by careful selection, skillful blending and first-class wine-making skills.’
      • ‘It was a first-class test of analysis, selection and integration which demonstrated a student's ability to think clearly before making a judgment.’
      • ‘It so happens we have three first-class stadia in Glasgow and a lot of matches will take place there.’
      • ‘His selection was proved to be first-class when, after just three minutes Simon landed a penalty from halfway and a quarter of an hour later did the same again.’
      • ‘The cricket facilities were superior to what most first-class grounds produce in New Zealand.’
      • ‘One of the driving forces behind Advancing Together, the region's strategic framework, is the need to provide a first-class quality of life for everyone and be intolerant of discrimination.’
      • ‘We have a superior range of products to offer and first-class financial advice to go with them.’
      • ‘Its top-notch dining, elegantly restored 1920s-era grandeur, and first-class service earn raves from business travelers.’
      • ‘Excellent customer service backed by first-class technology will be our prime area of focus during this year.’
      • ‘They all demonstrated to me that high-quality, robust software was running on first-class hardware.’
      • ‘Indeed, if these plans do go ahead, they could put Swindon on the sporting map providing first-class facilities for elite and grass roots-level athletes in a number of sports.’
      • ‘The children of Ballou deserve a chance at the first-class quality of education Whitman students receive.’
      • ‘The sample that I inspected showed superb quality walnut stock and hand guards, first-class metal finish and flawless functioning.’
      superior, first-rate, high-quality, top-quality, top, top-tier, quality, high-grade, five-star, fine
      superior, first-rate, high-quality, top-quality, top, top-tier, quality, high-grade, five-star, fine
      prime, premier, premium, grade a, best, finest, select, of the first water
      exclusive, elite, special
      excellent, exceptional, exemplary, superlative, superb
      top of the range
      top of the line
      par excellence
      tip-top, a1, top-notch, stellar, plum
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adverb & adjective

  • 1Of the best quality.

    [as adjective] ‘a full-scale grand opera needs a first-class orchestra’
    1. 1.1Relating to the best seating or accommodations in a train, ship, or plane.
      [as adjective] ‘first-class air transportation’
      [as adverb] ‘you can travel first class on any train’
      expert, skilled, skilful, masterly, virtuoso, master, consummate, proficient, talented, gifted, adept, adroit, deft, dexterous, able, good, competent, capable, efficient, experienced, seasoned, trained, practised, professional, polished, well versed, versed, smart, clever, ingenious, ready, apt, handy, artful
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    2. 1.2Relating to a class of mail given priority.
      [as adjective] ‘first-class mail’
      [as adverb] ‘send it first class’
    3. 1.3British [as adjective]Relating to the highest division in a university examination.
      ‘a first-class honors degree’
      gifted, talented, virtuoso, genius, accomplished, ingenious, masterly, inventive, creative
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first class

/ˈˌfərs(t) ˈklas/