Definition of firewall in English:



  • 1A wall or partition designed to inhibit or prevent the spread of fire.

    • ‘In a building, a firewall prevents a fire from quickly burning through, giving firefighter a chance to douse flames, and occupants a chance to find safety.’
    • ‘He could have concluded that there were no firewalls just by looking from the ground level because the walls would have projected above the roofline.’
    • ‘When we had the chimney cleaned, we were told the problem could be taken care of by adding a firewall instead of replacing the back wall.’
    • ‘But firefighters didn't have a chance to save the landmark, which was constructed in the early 1960s of wood and plywood and had no firewall.’
    • ‘When a garage is added to a dwelling, a primary concern is altering the partition wall between the house and garage to comply as a one-hour firewall.’
    • ‘Fire barriers, firewalls and rated floors are used to keep a fire contained on the floor or area of origin and limit its growth and impact.’
    • ‘One small section of the office was saved because recent renovations had partitioned it with a two-hour firewall, which kept the flames at bay.’
    1. 1.1Computing A part of a computer system or network which is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting outward communication.
      • ‘They should ensure they have up-to-date anti-virus software and personal firewalls.’
      • ‘Invest in a software firewall and keep your system up to date.’
      • ‘A firewall is essential in preventing others from breaking into your machine.’
      • ‘The risk can be managed by aggressively monitoring computers and networks through firewalls, strict download policies, and frequent security audits.’
      • ‘The firewall will also prevent attacks from the Internet on your PC.’
    2. 1.2
      another term for Chinese wall
      • ‘Racism creates a false and entirely regrettable firewall, but on the occasions where one culture can simply sit down and talk with the other, there is much to agree on and much to be enjoyed.’
      • ‘Here in the modern age, we are supposed to construct a firewall between science and religion.’