Definition of fireman in English:



  • 1A firefighter.

    • ‘Each year, firemen, forestry workers, civilians, Gardaí and sometimes soldiers are deployed for long periods in bringing outbreaks under control.’
    • ‘In one week firemen were called to the block 13 times because of teenage mobs wrecking it.’
    • ‘Two fireman were struck by rocks hurled by children, some as young as 10.’
    • ‘How much does it cost to clean up ten fatal road crashes every day, and how many emergency workers - police, paramedics, firemen, doctors and nurses - are involved?’
    • ‘He said an off-duty fireman immediately took command, marshalling helpers until paramedics arrived.’
    • ‘Police said the former fireman awoke to find a young man rifling through his living room.’
    • ‘Two firemen were injured during the rescue operation.’
    • ‘Thousands of firemen, police, soldiers and volunteers sifted through the landscape of twisted metal and smashed concrete.’
    • ‘The firemen arrived within minutes and managed to put out the fire quite quickly.’
    • ‘In France, three volunteer firemen died yesterday while fighting a blaze that engulfed a barn.’
    • ‘Under the scheme, retained firemen answer medical emergency calls to deliver advanced first aid.’
    • ‘His father is a fireman and his mother an adult education worker, and he has a four-year-old sister.’
    • ‘Policemen all over the country and firemen are employees of governments.’
    • ‘Local firemen were called to the scene and took a number of hours to get the blaze under control.’
    • ‘Staggering house prices are forcing qualified teachers, nurses, firemen and police officers to leave the borough because they cannot afford to buy in the area.’
    • ‘The driver was trapped inside and had to be rescued by firemen using cutting gear.’
    • ‘A retired fireman put in £20,000 and a residents' group invested £5,000.’
    • ‘Flames were shooting out through the first floor of the building when firemen arrived.’
    • ‘The municipal fire department was called and the firemen battled in a fruitless attempt to control the blaze.’
    • ‘They're being drawn to careers of service, as police or firemen, emergency health workers, teachers, counsellors, or in the military.’
  • 2A person who tends a furnace or the fire of a steam engine or steamship; a stoker.

    • ‘He remained in New York state until 1859, when he went to New Orleans and got a job as fireman on a steamship.’
    • ‘At least you found his machinery and equipment and the fireman building up his fire and steam for the heavy draw to come; but he was by himself.’
    • ‘Both the engineer and fireman of the train were killed instantly in the overturning of the giant locomotive.’
    • ‘On the St Clair Avenue side of the yards, there is an old house, now used by the locomotive department as a bunk house for the locomotive drivers and firemen.’
    • ‘The fireman had to keep shoveling coal into the furnace which generated the steam to propel the train.’
    1. 2.1US An enlisted person in the US navy who maintains and operates a ship's machinery.
      • ‘He was exposed to asbestos-containing products while working as a welder, pipefitter, and boilermaker at a manufacturing plant, and as a fireman in the Navy.’
      • ‘A US Navy fireman apprentice fell overboard of the USS Kitty Hawk on Wednesday.’