Definition of firecrest in US English:



  • A small warbler having a red and orange crest and occurring mainly in Europe.

    Regulus ignicapillus, family Sylviidae

    • ‘Firecrests are tiny birds, the second smallest species in Europe.’
    • ‘I was amazed to find not one but two Firecrests together just by the little gate.’
    • ‘Those boon migratory companions, the firecrest and the black redstart, provided considerable entertainment to local birders in 1994.’
    • ‘Do firecrests only stay for winter in the south west or can they turn up any time?’
    • ‘He watches a rare firecrest dancing on the banks of the river Fal, witnesses the tumbling flight of evening swifts and reports that experts now believe that birdsong may be - in part at least - pure exuberance, as much spirit as function.’