Definition of firebrick in US English:



  • A brick capable of withstanding intense heat, used especially to line furnaces and fireplaces.

    • ‘Nowadays she heats her place with a cast-iron stove perched on firebricks in the living room, cooks with propane, and does her beadwork at night by the light of a kerosene lamp while listening to a battery-operated radio.’
    • ‘If the chimney is firebrick then the squirrel can climb out on its own.’
    • ‘In the permanent fireplaces, check for loose firebrick, loose grill rods and rusty accessories.’
    • ‘Another problem was the scarcity, not only of miners, but also of skilled labour to make firebricks and build the furnaces.’
    • ‘Offers of land, firebricks, clay and equipment have poured in since the plan was first debated around the family cooking fires.’