Definition of firebox in US English:



  • The chamber of a boiler in which the fuel is burned.

    • ‘Four of them could be seen on each side of the firebox, running parallel with the fire bed a couple of feet or so above it.’
    • ‘One was a burner control designed to detect if the flame in the firebox went out while the boiler was operating.’
    • ‘These ancient, rusty fireboxes were dug up by remediation crews removing polluted soil around the shops.’
    • ‘Lighting the load from the top of the pile yields a candle-like burn, allowing the firebox to heat up as the volatile gases are being more evenly released.’
    • ‘Occasionally, for a joke, the fireman would put the end of the staff in the firebox, making it too hot for the signalman to handle.’
    • ‘Johanns, an engine driver, Reginald recalled, was severely injured when the firebox of the locomotive blew back.’
    • ‘You can remove the firebox covers and check inside the firebox for rust and scale deposits.’
    • ‘There was also, from late 1943, a longer version with ten-coupled wheels and a wide firebox; they were in fact much better but only 150 were built.’
    • ‘Their small drivers and big fireboxes were ideal for this service.’
    • ‘High-energy models from a number of manufacturers often include insulated fireboxes that keep cold outside air outside and trap warm air that would otherwise escape up the chimney or out the sides.’
    • ‘Some locomotives were to be fitted with Brotan water-tube fireboxes, a Hungarian invention much used in that country, but a late discovery of a shortage of steel tubes stopped all that!’
    • ‘As we continued up the hill, the sound of air being sucked into the firebox was deafening, even with ear plugs.’
    • ‘Taking our lives in our hands, we walked back through the yards so we could spend a last few minutes there watching the fireboxes flash and glow in the night.’
    • ‘The fire crews at the Colne Valley Railway in Castle Hedingham have to endure temperatures in excess of 65C for hours at a time as they shovel coal into the trains' fireboxes.’
    • ‘The combustion chamber was an extension of the inner firebox into the boiler barrel, to give extra heating surface where the heat is the greatest.’
    • ‘This in turn would mean altering the frames and fitting new boilers with narrow fireboxes to fit between the frames.’
    • ‘There is no sign of the typical fireboxes stretching along inside the boiler.’
    • ‘As the warm air rises, cooler air from the room flows into the firebox, fanning the fire, creating more heat in an ongoing cycle.’
    • ‘For Mr English, whose company English Welding Services has gained a nationwide reputation in steam-traction engineering for repairs to locomotive boilers and fireboxes, the task is one of the most prestigious he has yet undertaken.’
    • ‘The firebox was of the well-known Belpaire type whilst the boiler would be of the maximum British dimensions.’