Definition of fire tower in English:

fire tower


  • A tower, often at a high elevation, that especially in former years was staffed by a lookout for the detection of fires occurring over a wide area.

    • ‘The story is about a woman who spends her summers in a fire tower scanning the scenery for signs of smoke - generally a very quiet and solitary experience, although that may not have been the case this summer - and discovers herself.’
    • ‘I climb an old fire tower in the middle of the refuge, treating my ears to the seemingly endless variety of birdsong rising from a thick, green canopy that stretches as far as the eye can see.’
    • ‘Could these be the old barn and fire tower that stood exactly nine tenths of a mile from the camp entrance?’
    • ‘The trail leads to a popular view at the former US Forest Service fire tower, which has been in existence since the 1930's and is considered the crown jewel of the Otero Canyon Trail System.’
    • ‘I married a man who thought it was the ultimate social event to sit alone in a forest fire tower for a month.’