Definition of fire station in US English:

fire station


  • A facility where fire engines and other equipment of a fire department are housed.

    • ‘There will be parking for a further 30 cars on the grass between the fire station and the north end of the car park.’
    • ‘When a shoe-less mother turned up at a fire station with a suitcase, crews naturally asked how they could help.’
    • ‘When the call comes, the fire-fighters go to the fire station immediately.’
    • ‘Work on the construction of a training tower at the local fire station is continuing.’
    • ‘Mayo County Council has made application for the funding for the new fire station in Westport.’
    • ‘Workmen who saw the tragedy ran to a nearby fire station to raise the alarm.’
    • ‘He said when the grass is cut the cuttings are being dumped in the trees at the back of the local fire station.’
    • ‘While on call my husband must remain within five minutes of the fire station.’
    • ‘She also visited her local fire station to handle and familiarise herself with the equipment.’
    • ‘Michael raised the money by organising a sponsored bike ride and an annual fundraising event held by the local fire station.’
    • ‘One of the lads went to the fire station to get a glass of water.’
    • ‘They huddled in a Red Cross shelter at a local fire station to wait for news.’
    • ‘The report was critical of many things in the town including the fire station.’
    • ‘I joined a large gathering outside the small fire station by the city watch house.’
    • ‘People come up to me sometimes and ask if my house is a fire station because I have so many engines on the drive.’
    • ‘The airport's buildings include military bunkers and a fire station.’
    • ‘He once spent three weeks living in a fire station to make a documentary about Venice's firefighters.’
    • ‘Anyone who wants safety advice should contact their local fire station.’
    • ‘Training is provided, with classes held every year at the fire station from September to April.’
    • ‘Community fire safety checks can be organised by calling a fire station.’


fire station

/ˈfaɪ(ə)r ˌsteɪʃən//ˈfī(ə)r ˌstāSHən/