Definition of fire hose in US English:

fire hose


  • 1A large-diameter hose used in extinguishing fires.

    • ‘She had arranged for him to slide down the fireman's poles, go for a ride on a fire truck, squirt water from a fire hose and just hang out with the firefighters.’
    • ‘Their procedure was to let a tunnel proceed to near-completion, and then ‘find’ it and collapse it with a fire hose and water.’
    • ‘After he had alerted other patients who were in the waiting room, he tried to use an emergency fire hose but it was jammed so he ran outside for help.’
    • ‘Attempts were made to extinguish the flames with a fire hose from an adjacent building, but to no avail.’
    • ‘The rain from mature thunderstorms can be compared to normal rain like a fire hose can be compared to a garden hose.’
    • ‘The public's consumption of news and opinion used to be like sucking on a straw; now it's like being sprayed by a fire hose.’
    • ‘The VIPs were picked up by a police Land Rover and the day began with a display of dog handling and a visit to the Defence Fire Service where Stephen gave everyone a good soaking with the fire hose.’
    • ‘Waking one night to find a car ablaze outside her house in Bedfont and the fire hose severed, she knew that it was time to reclaim her local community from the grip of thugs and drug addicts.’
    • ‘It became such a problem that the warehouse had a man stand on their roof with a fire hose and pour water onto the roof of each boxcar while another man stood inside to watch for leaks!’
    • ‘The fire was extinguished by nine firefighters who used a fire hose and breathing apparatus to extinguish the flames.’
    • ‘At the end of the film Mr. Rowdy drenches the cast with a fire hose, a gag that Chaplin will revive, not very well, in his last film, A King in New York.’
    • ‘Then we realise that even with a fire hose we couldn't fill up this barrel fast enough… we needed buckets of water…’
    • ‘Just as you can move more water through a large fire hose than a small garden hose, the same is true for Internet bandwidth.’
    • ‘To fight a fire on the ground, a fire hose needs about 150 pounds per square inch of water pressure.’
    • ‘A friend who made the trip on a rough day said, ‘It was like sitting in front of a fire hose for four hours.’’
    • ‘There was some kind of hose on the side of the building, possibly a fire hose, I'm not really sure, and some of the students turned the hose on and aimed it at the approaching police.’
    • ‘Think of low voltage, such as that from a battery, as a trickle of water and high voltage, such as the power in a building, as a blast from a fire hose.’
    • ‘Firefighters arrive on the ‘accident scene’ and remove casualties to a safe zone after washing them under the fire hose.’
    • ‘Her relief on getting out of the house alive turned to numb disbelief as she watched the fire fighters jump out of their truck and immediately set to work, dislodging equipment from the side and pulling out the fire hose.’
    • ‘Some also include dragging a rescue dummy a set distance, carrying ladders and putting them up with two members steadying the ladder while two others climb it with a fire hose.’
    1. 1.1Computing An unfiltered, real-time stream of data produced by a social media website or other online service.
      ‘two companies with access to Twitter's firehose of tweets’
      • ‘Many marketers will send unsolicited e-mails, while the people at the other end of the firehose - ISPs, e-mail providers, receiving companies, and individual users - pay the costs.’
      • ‘Understanding the deluge of data that comes from Twitter's firehose is no simple task.’
      • ‘The e-mail firehose has been shut down.’
      • ‘What's better: curated streams or real-time firehoses?’
      • ‘The platform provides analytics companies with access to its data firehose.’


fire hose

/ˈfī(ə)r ˌhōz//ˈfaɪ(ə)r ˌhoʊz/