Definition of fire control in US English:

fire control


  • 1The process of targeting and firing heavy weapons.

    • ‘The device is used for fire control of individual and crew-served weapons in light and darkness.’
    • ‘Platoon and battery commanders have considerable problems with fire control, protection-in-combat and reconnaissance organization, and terrain orientation.’
    • ‘That resulted in the inability of federal forces to ensure effective reconnaissance and fire control over a localized rebel position zone.’
    • ‘Growth programs are under way to extend the range and accuracy of rockets and missiles and to upgrade the launcher fire control and mechanical systems.’
    • ‘A high power-to-weight ratio, a 120 mm smoothbore cannon, advanced fire control and special armour laminates make a formidable adversary.’
    • ‘Here he briefly describes the dimensions, speed, ordnance, and fire control of each class of warship as well as modifications made to them during the war.’
    • ‘Based on squad reactions and fire control, the scenario can be adjusted to replicate small-unit-, squad-, or platoon-level threats.’
    • ‘The longer weapon range, sophisticated fire control, and advanced countermeasures of these systems, even in small numbers, present a formidable barrier to our fleet of aging aircraft.’
    • ‘The defenders' problem was not lack of fire-power, but lack of effective fire control due to the jamming.’
    • ‘The digital fire control system allows the gunner or commander to select six different targets to be engaged in just over 30 seconds.’
    • ‘The digital fire control system calculates separate firing solutions for each of the 8 projectiles.’
    • ‘Appropriate fire control and maneuvering the tank platoon are determining factors in accomplishing the platoon's mission.’
    • ‘The gunner selects the target on a display screen and the target is locked-on before launch using highly automated fire control.’
    • ‘World War I was an ‘artillery war’ par excellence, witnessing the dramatic development of indirect fire and artillery fire control.’
    • ‘Advanced radars provide 360 coverage for surveillance and fire control.’
    • ‘The system is capable of automatic range and envelope determination and fire control and second shot capability on the same approaching target.’
    • ‘It focuses on ensuring soldiers are equipped with world-class weapon systems, ammunition and associated target acquisition and fire control products.’
    • ‘This requirement will increase the tank section's proficiency in direct fire control, distribution, and maneuver.’
    • ‘The joint land attack cruise missile defense elevated netted sensors program will provide elevated sensors to support surveillance and fire control functions in a deployed theater beginning in 2008.’
    • ‘Both missions were a success, each providing the task force with valuable lessons in direct fire control and maneuver.’
  • 2The prevention and monitoring of forest fires and grass fires.

    • ‘Here are some of the interesting facts researchers have found out in the 70 years since the Forest Service began its aggressive fire control program.’
    • ‘It was not until the mid-twentieth century that technology made it possible for state fire control agencies to manage all but the most severe outbreaks in rural and forested areas.’
    • ‘Truckloads of logs were cut to make a fire control line along the Yalmi Road, north of Orbost, in eastern Victoria, during the 2003 bushfires and taken to East Gippsland mills.’