Definition of fire away in US English:

fire away


  • Used to give someone permission to begin speaking, typically to ask questions.

    ‘“I want to clear up some questions that have been puzzling me.” “Fire away.”’
    • ‘‘Okay, fire away,’ I replied with a small smirk dancing on my lips.’
    • ‘I patiently waited until he finished, and then told him to fire away.’
    • ‘And she's going to read from that and then we'll fire away some questions.’
    • ‘I'll have a couple of questions and then we'll have both Christiane and Nic fire away as well.’
    • ‘Whatever you've always wanted to know, fire away!’
    • ‘He showed up and gave a speech that went: ‘I don't have a speech, but if you have questions, fire away.’’
    • ‘If any of you reading this article has a question, then fire away!’
    • ‘If you have a burning question that's of interest to all, fire away.’
    • ‘As always, this is meant to open up some discussion and feedback, so feel free to fire away.’
    • ‘Should you think otherwise, well, I'm a big boy; fire away.’