Definition of fire ant in US English:

fire ant


  • A tropical American ant that has a painful and sometimes dangerous sting.

    Genus Solenopsis, family Formicidae: several species, in particular the South American S. invicta, which has become a serious pest in the southeastern US

    • ‘The red fire ant, a native of southern Brazil, is a serious new pest which was first detected in Taiwan last year.’
    • ‘Within 20 years of hitting U.S. soil, the red fire ant had entered 10 states, 200 counties - and 10 million socks.’
    • ‘Some fire ant colonies have only a single queen, while others have many.’
    • ‘The fire ant has swept onto the American landscape with an ever-increasing impact.’
    • ‘The chickens also have reduced the fire ant population by eating the bugs and seeds the ants would have sustained themselves on.’