Definition of fire-and-forget in US English:



  • attributive (of a missile) able to guide itself to its target once fired.

    • ‘Equipped with an infra-red homing sensor for day and night operation, the fire-and-forget missile can destroy a tank four kilometers away by diving into the tank from the top which is vulnerable.’
    • ‘The fire-and-forget principle underlies the development of all modern precision guided weapons today.’
    • ‘Over-the-horizon warfare and fire-and-forget weapons concentrate information in the hands of military officials and make it much harder for the media to provide ‘ground truth.’’
    • ‘The weapons are lightweight fire-and-forget anti-tank missiles and use electro-optical and fibre-optic technologies.’
    • ‘The missiles that had been fired at the helicopter were state-of-the-art fire-and-forget missiles with multiple sensor systems.’