Definition of finiteness in US English:



  • See finite

    • ‘Yet under the storms of insignificant daily struggles, we lose sight of the finiteness and fragility of our own existence, one with which we were never comfortable from the moment we came squalling out of the womb.’
    • ‘The limits of human knowledge, and thus of any religious system, must always be recognized and humbly acknowledged as the product of human finiteness.’
    • ‘Indeed, economic discussion during the last part of the 20th century included a sharp debate about whether the finiteness of natural resource availability imposed a serious limitation on economic growth and development.’
    • ‘In fact, determined efforts by many physicists and mathematicians over a period of more than 20 years have failed to produce a proof of the finiteness or consistency of string theory.’
    • ‘What little we know about this new subject consists of a few broad limitations such as the finiteness of the speed of light.’