Definition of finished in US English:



  • 1(of an action, activity, or piece of work) having been completed or ended.

    ‘a preparatory drawing for the finished painting’
    • ‘Building land has also increased in value which has the obvious knock-on effect of pushing up the cost of the finished properties.’
    • ‘The fourth astonishing thing is that the finished work was a masterpiece.’
    • ‘I chose this book because it includes the artist's rough sketches as well as her finished work.’
    • ‘It made all the scrambling, scratches and bruises worth it to see the finished task.’
    • ‘A second group stands admiring a finished work depicting red peony flowers.’
    • ‘The finished works of art were both eye-catching and impressive to all who viewed them.’
    • ‘The students clearly show a sense of pride and accomplishment in their finished work.’
    • ‘The energy that was present during the art lesson was evident in the variety and flair of the finished work.’
    • ‘When Manet saw the finished work, he was furious, and swore that Degas had distorted the features of his dear wife.’
    • ‘The finished work also features powerful storytelling skills and elegant editing.’
    • ‘Instead, her finished work is imbedded with details far more complex than the actual photographs.’
    • ‘I have a digital camera that allows me to take weekly snaps of finished work.’
    • ‘The result has a direct effect on the finished product, which is read by the public.’
    • ‘New concepts could take months or even years to come to fruition before the finished work was discussed and explained to the family.’
    • ‘She's obviously much more interested in the process than in the finished work.’
    • ‘The finished work will be displayed in the upper courtyard of Dublin Castle until the end of the month.’
    • ‘Looking at the booklet produced for the exhibition in London, I saw the photographs of the finished work.’
    • ‘I also lost so much fiber to the lint filter that the finished fabric now feels thin.’
    • ‘The finished offices will have suspended ceilings and trunking for power and computer cabling.’
    • ‘An understanding of the process is as important as, if not more important than, the finished work.’
    completed, concluded, consummated, finalized, terminated, over and done with, over, in the past, at an end
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    1. 1.1predicative (of a person) having completed or ended an action or activity.
      ‘they'll be finished here in an hour’
      • ‘He should be finished in about twenty minutes.’
      • ‘I'll be finished by the time you get home.’
      • ‘‘Maura, I am not finished yet,’ he warned sternly.’
      • ‘I'll have my watch with me, so when you're finished, just mosey on over to save me.’
    2. 1.2predicative Having lost effectiveness, power, or prestige.
      ‘he was told he was finished at the club’
      • ‘He knew his career was finished and he would probably have to move to Spain.’
      • ‘While recovering in hospital he admits to himself that he's finished in this town.’
      • ‘I finally realized that my marriage was finished.’
      • ‘But some say privately that regardless of his case's outcome, he's finished in politics.’
      ruined, doomed, lost, bankrupt, wrecked, broken, defeated, beaten, thwarted
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    3. 1.3 (of an object or room) having been given a particular decorative surface as the final stage in its manufacture or decoration.
      in combination ‘plastic-finished lining paper’
      • ‘Note that we are planning an acid-etch stain as the finished surface of the concrete slab.’
      • ‘When finished a layer or two of superglue or varnish is applied to give the finished fly a shiny effect.’
      • ‘It should also be noted that water, or the materials used for curing, can discolor finished surfaces.’
      • ‘The subgrade has to meet the appropriate standards before the finished surface can be installed.’
      • ‘Thoroughly clean a finished surface with mild dish detergent and water, and sand any rough spots.’
      • ‘The intended quality of the finished surface was reduced by varying degrees.’
      • ‘These form an uninterrupted surface for the finished floor and preclude the use of lintels.’
      • ‘One construction company worker said the finished surface had to be dug up because of damage to pipes.’
      • ‘The finished surface met all of Marlboro's requirements with no visible fibers.’
    4. 1.4attributive (of livestock) having completed fattening before slaughter.
      ‘a reduction in prices for finished cattle’
      • ‘A properly finished beef animal weighing 1,100 pounds live is likely to have a take home weight of about 440 pounds.’
      • ‘It is difficult to justify a farmer having to pay more for his store animals than he receives for his finished cattle.’
      • ‘Critics of feeding cattle in North Dakota often point to North Dakota's distance from packing plants to the south, saying that it's too costly to transport finished cattle from the state to processing facilities typically located farther south.’
      • ‘The sector will suffer irreparable structural damage if depressed prices for finished sheep are allowed to continue week after week.’
      • ‘Although these farms benefited from higher receipts for store and finished livestock they also had higher costs for livestock purchases.’