Definition of finish someone off in US English:

finish someone off

phrasal verb

  • Kill, destroy, or comprehensively defeat someone.

    • ‘I was thinking I better make my peace with the big man upstairs, because any second now, they're probably just going to finish me off.’
    • ‘They tripped over that table over there and finally the second guy came in and finished Danny off.’
    • ‘An order is then given to the machinegunner to finish him off (the commentator adds that this is an obvious breach of the Geneva Convention).’
    • ‘And so he's laying there unconscious, and this guy is about to finish him off when Pete jumped him from behind and tied him up.’
    • ‘After the Sox had finished them off in 3 games, I attributed my calmness to ‘knowing deep down all along’ that they were going to win.’
    • ‘We can use that Air Force and Naval air and really go in and finish him off, if that's the way he wants it to end.’
    • ‘Christopher waits at the cop's home, pops him on the head, then waits for the guy to come to so he can finish him off.’
    • ‘But having wounded him, the media apparently has decided it hasn't quite finished him off.’
    • ‘Like a young Ali, he enjoyed taunting his opponents and destroying their will before finishing them off.’
    • ‘Well, Cináed didn't kill Anaïs, but he nearly did- Ãde just finished her off.’
    • ‘Did he actually think I was going to be willing to let him kill Mike and finish me off before the night was over?’
    • ‘He worried that, any day, his wife would figure it out and finish him off by leaving him.’
    • ‘When his friend advises him to finish Nino off as well since she has dishonored herself, he magnanimously refuses.’
    • ‘The first two shots weren't enough to kill him so the bullet in the head was to finish him off.’
    • ‘The point is gradually to isolate the family, weaken them, and then finish them off.’