Definition of fingertip in English:



  • The tip of a finger.

    • ‘I raised my hand slowly to his arm and my fingertips slowly traced up his arm.’
    • ‘Suddenly, she felt a few rough fingertips softly touch her arm.’
    • ‘His fingertips accompany the arguments, each hand movement seemingly choreographed.’
    • ‘I can see my breath when I breathe, I can't feel my fingertips or the tips of my toes or ears.’
    • ‘She suffered injuries to her shoulder and neck and lost the feeling of the fingertips in her right hand.’
    • ‘I wondered if I'd had a heart attack, because I couldn't feel my toes and fingertips.’
    • ‘I hold my hands in front of my face, the fingertips blanching a little in the cold.’
    • ‘She made an audible gasp, touching the fingertips of her other hand to the ring.’
    • ‘He placed his hands in front of him, fingertips touching to form a tower.’
    • ‘She caught my hand and for a few seconds studied my fingertips before meeting my eyes.’
    • ‘As soon as I began working my fingertips higher up in the crack, I suddenly slipped off and dropped onto the rope.’
    • ‘As his fingertips caress my sides, I giggle softly at the ticklish sensations.’
    • ‘The muscles in his forearms tapered into strong, tanned hands and calloused fingertips.’
    • ‘Gingerly, she extended her hand and allowed her fingertips to trace over the weals that zigzagged down his back.’
    • ‘I felt his calloused fingertips brush against my open palm.’
    • ‘Smear it over the entire eyelid with your fingertips, then add black mascara and eye pencil along the upper lash line.’
    • ‘She'd pressed her fingertips to his temples and stared into his eyes.’
    • ‘He went up to her and placed his tender fingertips against her soft cheek.’
    • ‘He slid it slowly through my fine hair, stroking it hesitantly with his fingertips.’
    • ‘"You haven't shaved in a while, " she said, tracing her index fingertip over the stubble.’


  • 1[attributive] Using or operated by the fingers.

    ‘police made a fingertip search of the area’
    ‘fingertip electronic controls’
    • ‘Once the bleeding was under control, fingertip bandages work well to compress the injury.’
    • ‘A fingertip search of the area was also being conducted and police are still looking for the murder weapon that may have been thrown away as the killers fled.’
    • ‘Police sealed off surrounding streets while officers carried out a fingertip search of the area.’
    • ‘It's an electronic watch with a fingertip sensor that works by reacting to a person's skin chemistry while an electronic bar graph shows if a person's response is honest or dishonest.’
    • ‘They sealed off the two-storey block opposite Bethesda Evangelical Church as forensic scientists conducted a fingertip search.’
    • ‘He appeared in court in a hooded white forensics suit - the type usually worn by police carrying out fingertip searches of crime scenes.’
    • ‘The safes are constructed of 16-gauge steel and feature fingertip keypads.’
    • ‘Dozens of police officers remained in the area to carry out a fingertip search of nearby gardens.’
    • ‘It's as comfortable for those who use a palm grip as it is for those who prefer a fingertip hold, even after extended use.’
    • ‘The technology consists of a fingertip pulse sensor that plugs into a desktop computer, along with a software program that provides students with a visual representation of what's going on inside them.’
    • ‘He has a soft fingertip grip, and his hand is firmly behind the ball.’
    • ‘Police immediately cordoned off the area as forensic experts carried out fingertip searches for evidence.’
    1. 1.1Reaching to the fingertips.
      ‘the silhouette is close to the waist and flared to fingertip length’