Definition of fingertip in English:



  • The tip of a finger.

    • ‘He went up to her and placed his tender fingertips against her soft cheek.’
    • ‘He placed his hands in front of him, fingertips touching to form a tower.’
    • ‘I raised my hand slowly to his arm and my fingertips slowly traced up his arm.’
    • ‘I wondered if I'd had a heart attack, because I couldn't feel my toes and fingertips.’
    • ‘Smear it over the entire eyelid with your fingertips, then add black mascara and eye pencil along the upper lash line.’
    • ‘She suffered injuries to her shoulder and neck and lost the feeling of the fingertips in her right hand.’
    • ‘Gingerly, she extended her hand and allowed her fingertips to trace over the weals that zigzagged down his back.’
    • ‘The muscles in his forearms tapered into strong, tanned hands and calloused fingertips.’
    • ‘I felt his calloused fingertips brush against my open palm.’
    • ‘I can see my breath when I breathe, I can't feel my fingertips or the tips of my toes or ears.’
    • ‘His fingertips accompany the arguments, each hand movement seemingly choreographed.’
    • ‘She'd pressed her fingertips to his temples and stared into his eyes.’
    • ‘"You haven't shaved in a while, " she said, tracing her index fingertip over the stubble.’
    • ‘She caught my hand and for a few seconds studied my fingertips before meeting my eyes.’
    • ‘He slid it slowly through my fine hair, stroking it hesitantly with his fingertips.’
    • ‘As his fingertips caress my sides, I giggle softly at the ticklish sensations.’
    • ‘Suddenly, she felt a few rough fingertips softly touch her arm.’
    • ‘She made an audible gasp, touching the fingertips of her other hand to the ring.’
    • ‘I hold my hands in front of my face, the fingertips blanching a little in the cold.’
    • ‘As soon as I began working my fingertips higher up in the crack, I suddenly slipped off and dropped onto the rope.’


  • 1attributive Using or operated by the fingers.

    ‘police made a fingertip search of the area’
    ‘fingertip electronic controls’
    1. 1.1 Reaching to the fingertips.
      ‘the silhouette is close to the waist and flared to fingertip length’


  • at one's fingertips

    • (especially of information) readily available; accessible.

      ‘until we have more facts at our fingertips, there is no use in speculating’
      • ‘Explore one or more of these resources and review the information available at your fingertips.’
      • ‘Globalisation has made the world a global village and information is available at our fingertips.’
      • ‘Many companies lack the IT infrastructure to give staff access to information at their fingertips, with the problem particularly acute among smaller businesses.’
      • ‘Numerous helpful online resources for evidence-based practice exist and are readily available at your fingertips.’
      • ‘The Internet can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of information readily available at your fingertips.’
      • ‘These days, with the amount of information available at our fingertips via the internet, it is easier than ever to create your own ‘DIY’ holiday.’
      • ‘What immediately strikes you about the game is the vast amount of information and control available at your fingertips.’
      • ‘In the Internet era, when facts are literally at one's fingertips, marshaling information is no longer enough to constitute learning.’
      • ‘Our new pupil achievement tracker means that teachers will have information at their fingertips to analyse past and current attainment so that they can tailor lessons and progression to each pupil's needs.’
      • ‘It is just amazing that so much information is free and at your fingertips - be awed and think about it every once in a while.’
      obtainable, accessible, to be had, ready for use, at hand, to hand, at one's disposal, at one's fingertips, within easy reach, handy, convenient
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  • by one's fingertips

    • Only with difficulty; precariously.

      ‘the general was clinging to power by his fingertips’
      • ‘Raith were clinging on by their fingertips at the end and home scorer Sheerin earned his pay packet with a series of superb close - calls.’
      • ‘So I feel like I'm hanging on in there by my fingertips.’
      • ‘United's defence then had to endure a nail-biting few minutes, but hung on by their fingertips.’
      • ‘Spring himself was badly rattled by the experience of the all-night recount which saw him hang on by his fingertips.’
      • ‘Carter had to cling by his fingertips to victories in Ohio and Mississippi to claim the presidency.’
      • ‘The current coach is clinging on by his fingertips, and last weekend's Murrayfield defeat was expected, even by most fervent Welsh supporters.’
      • ‘In fact, most of them are clinging on by their fingertips to existence.’
      • ‘The margin was about right in the end and the two late Welsh tries that came too late to affect the outcome were merited as Scotland spent long periods of the second half hanging on by their fingertips.’
      • ‘All this would be enough to leave him hanging by his fingertips.’
      • ‘We hear constantly from our members about faithful Catholics who are embarrassed to call themselves Catholics, who are hanging onto their membership by their fingertips, or who have actually left the Church.’
  • to one's fingertips

    • Completely.

      ‘he is a professional to his fingertips’
      • ‘A gentleman to his fingertips, honesty and integrity are among the foremost of his many outstanding attributes.’
      • ‘It was sufficient to see him in a laboratory managing a piece of apparatus, or carrying out a reaction, to know that he was a chemist to his fingertips.’
      • ‘He was not a proconsul but a fine example of the kind of man who turns the dreams of proconsuls into reality, capable of dreams himself but a professional soldier to his fingertips.’
      • ‘Tommy Lyons was a gentleman to his fingertips who enlightened many a cause and gathering.’
      • ‘A technocrat to his fingertips, he is exactly the kind of individual who keeps modern civilization moving smoothly along.’
      • ‘He was political to his fingertips, but immensely wary of political jargon.’
      • ‘A sportsman to his fingertips, he retained an avid interest in the affairs of club and county to the very end.’
      • ‘Elegant and dignified, she was always a lady to her fingertips.’
      • ‘A gentleman to his fingertips, Mattie commanded great regard and respect wherever he went.’
      • ‘In everyday life he's a gentleman to his fingertips, and professionally he is just about as meticulous and capable at his job as anyone you could ever hope to encounter.’