Definition of fingerpick in English:



  • Play (a guitar or similar instrument) using the fingernails or small plectrums worn on the fingertips to pluck the strings.

    ‘black southern guitarists were fingerpicking guitars long before white musicians’
    [no object] ‘he fingerpicked with facility’
    • ‘With his fingerpicking and his yodel, Sexton takes us to his roots, to the buried sound of another place.’
    • ‘‘The only thought behind the record was the idea of combining traditional folk with something more expansive,’ says Halstead, who indulged in a lot more fingerpicking than M3 normally allow.’
    • ‘His previous album, Conasauga, dwelt almost wholly in Appalachian ruralisms and pristine fingerpicking, and you can hear that ornate classicism in the well-mannered portions of ‘Warpaint’ and ‘The Nest.’’
    • ‘On Desormais, the common denominator is sparse fingerpicking with little other accompaniment.’
    • ‘High Winds White Sky has its dated hippie moments: the daughter of the stars turns up; the acoustic fingerpicking don't let up; the imagery is pastoral, cross-legged, palms-up.’
    • ‘With the new disc's major-label budget, that means Smith is now augmenting his delicate fingerpicking with heretofore-unrevealed piano skills, full yet subtle arrangements, and the occasional George Harrison mystical moment.’
    • ‘The following number, ‘Roll Along Summer,’ works fine on its own - it's actually a pleasing little number with some smooth fingerpicking - but it bogs down in the muck left from Weller's avian mishap.’
    • ‘The sound of her voice and her flawless fingerpicking came and went with the trains.’
    • ‘Over exquisite Bert Jansch-like fingerpicking, Talbot tells the haunting tale of a young woman, burned by her townspeople as a witch, whose ghost returns to seek a little good old-fashioned payback.’
    • ‘As the fingerpicking gets faster and more furious, you get swept up in the frenzy without even once noticing how out-there the opinions or plans you're contemplating are.’
    • ‘His last record, 2003's The Transfiguration of Vincent, was a perfect meditation on death and love, delivered with an offhand grace that made fingerpicking and a little snare seem revelatory, even as it conjured the ghost of John Fahey.’
    • ‘First surprise - she curled her fingers around the strings and began to fingerpick, thumb bent backwards and fingers double-jointedly bent on the fret board in the style of the self-taught.’
    • ‘Building upon autoharp, organ, or distantly droning tape sounds which constantly shift and realign, Kawabata fingerpicks his way back to Youngs' home turf, often recalling such British folkies as Bert Jansch or John Martyn.’
    • ‘And ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ features fingerpicking that evokes ‘Blackbird’ - even if the lyrics owe more to ‘How Do You Sleep?’’
    • ‘On opener Come And Find Me, and You've Got The Moon, his husky voice and complex fingerpicking bring to mind doomed young English folkie Nick Drake, but, at the other extreme, you could imagine the great Johnny Cash covering Harrisburg.’


  • A plectrum worn on a fingertip.

    • ‘For thirty years, he dreamed of a finger pick that would feel like fingernails.’