Definition of finger-pointing in US English:



  • Actions or words that bring attention to a particular person or issue.

    • ‘They're not interested in being nasty or finger-pointing or political.’
    • ‘Anyone who reads this newsgroup can see at a glance what's wrong: finger-pointing and recriminations dominate the discussion.’
    • ‘And Washington could not have chosen a worse moment than now for a paroxysm of finger-pointing.’
    • ‘And I must say the name-calling and finger-pointing and blame asserting is not constructive.’
    • ‘I know there's going to be a lot of investigations down the road, a lot of finger-pointing.’
    • ‘I think these are issues in which finger-pointing is really an easy reaction.’
    • ‘This is a time for recrimination and finger-pointing!’
    • ‘On the school bus, though, Nina and Zina chafe under the teasing and finger-pointing about their foreign accents and clothes.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, among partisans of the losing candidate, there is the consolation of finger-pointing.’
    • ‘In my high school, I was the target of much finger-pointing and whispering as I walked around the campus.’
    • ‘There has been speculation and finger-pointing, controversy and confusion.’
    • ‘The nation needed to be united in its determination and could not afford to surrender to finger-pointing.’
    • ‘John, the finger-pointing has really been going on for quite a few days, though.’
    • ‘If not, you can expect more finger-pointing about who is to blame for the inaction.’
    • ‘However, finger-pointing is not going to solve what is an incredibly complex issue.’
    • ‘The commission's report will prompt finger-pointing in various directions, to little purpose.’
    • ‘As we used a few or our own fingers to point out yesterday, there is no lack of finger-pointing on behalf of this administration.’
    • ‘There is no need for us on the right to wring our hands about the finger-pointing that is happening in the media.’
    • ‘There is a lot of name-calling and finger-pointing at the expense of issues.’
    • ‘The finger-pointing and the blaming, perhaps that's a defense mechanism on Gary's part.’