• 1Printed matter in small type.

    • ‘Known as universal default, the practice is disclosed in fine print in the papers cardholders sign to get the card.’
    • ‘But they keep getting bogged down in fine print.’
    • ‘The agent's brochure carried disclaimers in fine print at the foot of the front and back pages but I would not accord these decisive significance on the present question.’
    • ‘After buying a few, I get to the checkout, and the little tiny fine print says, ‘Click here to opt out of mailings.’
    • ‘‘There's a lot of fine print that's difficult to get across in radio and TV,’ she says.’
    1. 1.1 Inconspicuous details or conditions printed in an agreement or contract, especially ones that may prove unfavorable.
      ‘read the fine print of whatever loan document is shoved under your nose’
      • ‘With some amusement I was reading the fine print, as is not my wont, and I discovered that signing this document gave them power of attorney.’
      • ‘This is the quiet part of the process, when the business is handed over to the paralegals who specialise in the detail and the fine print.’
      • ‘Check the fine print of your contract: reservations are not guaranteed.’
      • ‘Reading contracts and fine print before the purchase can illuminate problems.’
      • ‘Ask him which institution offers your dream course; he will come out with all details including the fine print, if any, of it.’
      • ‘I am warning other people to read the fine print before signing any contracts.’
      • ‘If someone tries to sell you a plan where you can eat all the tasty food you want without gaining weight, you'd better read the fine print, because they're trying to sell you something.’
      • ‘Doing so without thinking of the consequences is just as stupid as signing a record contract without reading the fine print.’
      • ‘Lawyers say companies are now looking at the fine print in those contracts.’
      • ‘It's all in the fine print of the software agreement, which I bet you didn't read.’
      • ‘The fine print of the cruise contract spells out details on non-refundable payments and cruise companies' waivers of responsibility.’
      • ‘When setting up a flat it pays to look out for cheap deals, and always read the fine print of any contract you sign.’
      • ‘They were then asked to sign contracts though, apparently, few read the fine print.’
      • ‘Whatever you do, always read the fine print of any contract before signing it.’
      • ‘Let's wait to read the fine print of the new agreements before being too optimistic.’
      • ‘He said we've got to go through all of the details, all the fine print, all the financial statements for all our plants, all over the world, and until we've done that, we won't be able to make any guarantees.’
      • ‘I'm sure that somewhere in the fine print of his employment contract, it says ‘family man’ under requirements.’
      • ‘You also need to read the fine print of the contract.’
      • ‘However, finding permanent employment for these scientists can be a challenging task fraught with a multitude of regulations, special conditions, and fine print.’
      • ‘If you're filling out a form or giving your personal information, if you're not reading the fine print of where this information could be used, then you're basically handing it over to somebody.’


fine print

/ˈˌfīn ˈprint//ˈˌfaɪn ˈprɪnt/