Definition of finder's fee in US English:

finder's fee


  • A fee paid by a business to a person or organization for bringing to its attention financial investors, potential new employees, or buyers or sellers whose relationship with the business will materially benefit it.

    • ‘Last October for example, Lehman Brothers offered staff a $10,000 finder's fee if they introduced a new member of staff.’
    • ‘The result: ‘We were getting gouged on finder's fees, getting low-quality people - and were still having a hard time with turnover,’ Walker gripes.’
    • ‘Perhaps you may want to send me a finder's fee to cover this.’
    • ‘The agent found you a good tenant and a finder's fee would have been payable at that point.’
    • ‘‘We don't place people for a finder's fee and then walk away from the project,’ he says.’
    • ‘My view is that we have to prove ourselves first before we are able to charge a finder's fee.’
    • ‘She looks on behalf of the tenant and charges the landlord one month's rent as a finder's fee for good tenants.’
    • ‘So who are you going to listen to - the guy who pays you a finder's fee or the guy who ensures you keep getting them regularly?’
    • ‘After doing some research, however, Paul has found that with only a master's degree in social work, he isn't yet qualified to take finder's fees on deals.’
    • ‘For each such eligible targeted sample participant they brought in they received a $5 finder's fee.’
    • ‘But Frank said he'd get a ten thousand dollar finder's fee.’
    • ‘Companies have begun flooding the event with recruiting fliers and offers of finder's fees for participants who recruit friends to become employees.’
    • ‘Some of the charges include legal and finder's fees, fees to the insurance company and bank, to pension trustees if it's a self-administered fund, and so on.’
    • ‘I'm sure his people would be prepared to pay a finder's fee.’
    • ‘Companies like Net Profit teach temp agencies how to access these databases or they subcontract the service at a 20 percent finder's fee.’
    • ‘Just cut me a ten percent finder's fee and I'll be fine, okay?’
    • ‘The students were thrilled, although Wright jokes that a proper finder's fee for the deal would have been more like 1%, or $17 million.’
    • ‘Once he got past the fact that she had thrown away the finder's fee of a lifetime, he found himself pleasantly surprised, and quite impressed.’
    • ‘In effect, the traditional finder's fee is replaced with a negotiated sum based on the benefits brought to the business by the new personnel.’
    • ‘He explained yesterday he always had an expectation that he would receive a finder's fee if the land was subsequently resold at a profit.’