Definition of find one's (own) level in US English:

find one's (own) level


  • (of a person) reach a position or competency that seems appropriate and natural in relation to one's associates.

    • ‘There, he found his level, playing at Gateshead until February 1997, scoring two goals in 10 games.’
    • ‘Unkind commentators might suggest that in choosing such opponents, the Irish had found their own level.’
    • ‘Also the learning curve is very smooth: complexity increases because you gain resources and can do more in a time unit; you find your own level.’
    • ‘Within that broad framework people could find their own level.’
    • ‘He will set no time limit for their possible emergence into the senior squad at Maine Road, preferring to allow them to find their own level.’
    • ‘The bottom-line is, if you are good enough, you will find your own level.’
    • ‘This is their chance to start from scratch, find their level and accept a few home truths.’
    • ‘Pessimists will be inclined to predict that Scotland have found their level.’
    • ‘They seem to have found their level now they have entered the full national leagues.’
    • ‘Do you think he's found his level within the peloton?’