Definition of finch in US English:



  • A seed-eating songbird that typically has a stout bill and colorful plumage.

    The true finches belong to the family Fringillidae (the finch family), which includes chaffinches, canaries, linnets, crossbills, etc. Many other finches belong to the bunting, waxbill, or sparrow families

    • ‘In late summer and early fall, flocks of tiny finches and other seed-eating birds swoop in to graze among the spent blooms.’
    • ‘Sometimes they are called Painted finches, or Rainbow finches.’
    • ‘Their bills are slimmer than those of most finches.’
    • ‘Birdsong enters the cottage from front and back - blackbirds, robins, finches.’
    • ‘Finches get bigger, fish gets smaller, but a finch is still a finch and a fish is still a fish.’


Old English finc, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vink and German Fink.