Definition of finback in US English:


(also finback whale)


  • A large rorqual with a small dorsal fin, a dark gray back, and white underparts.

    Balaenoptera physalus, family Balaenopteridae

    Also called fin whale, "common rorqual" (see rorqual)
    • ‘In 1871, Dr. Thomas Dwight, Jr. purchased a large finback whale and had the carcass towed to Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor, where the bones were carefully cleaned.’
    • ‘Spend six to eight hours a day on the water with giant blue whales, finbacks and humpbacks as you assist researchers with data collection.’
    • ‘Take a whale watching tour and see more kinds of whales more often than anywhere else - playful humpbacks, giant finbacks, and maybe even the rare right whale!’
    • ‘Sea life on the rocky walls isn't all that benefits: humpback, finback and right whales are all common here, as are dolphins and seals.’
    • ‘Apparently nobody noticed that they were pushing around this dead 60 foot finback whale for possibly up to two days.’