Definition of financialization in US English:


(British financialisation)


  • The process by which financial institutions, markets, etc., increase in size and influence.

    ‘the financialization of the US economy’
    • ‘We believe that financial incentives have an important role to play in employee motivation, but the reality of human motivation is more complex than the simpler vision built into the financialization model.’
    • ‘The financialization of the American and British economies began in the 1980s, greatly increasing the size and impact of the financial sector.’
    • ‘At this juncture, bankers were chiefly concerned with making money on the exchange of currency, a practice that had incipient within it some, but not nearly all, of what would make later financialization possible.’
    • ‘Historians observe that financialization is a typical indicator of economic decline.’
    • ‘Too much financialization of the economy has occured at the expense of the real productive sector.’
    • ‘It was only in the nineteenth century that industrialization and financialization produced the liquidity we now take for granted.’
    • ‘What has gone relatively unremarked by economists is how financialization of the economy has transformed the idea of saving.’
    • ‘In many ways, the debt-fueled housing bubble was the financialization of America carried to its logical conclusion.’
    • ‘Increasing financialization of the economy beginning in the early mid 1970s correlates well with increasing financial crises of increasing severity that have resulted in recessions.’
    • ‘The big bang of the 1980s unleashed the financialization of British capitalism that demanded the City be free of regulation.’