Definition of final drive in US English:

final drive


  • The last part of the transmission system in a motor vehicle.

    • ‘The final drive ratio for the 4x4 variants is 4.444, while the 2x4 gets a 4.1 and I believe the 4x4 would benefit from the 4.1 final drive.’
    • ‘You're going to increase transmission life, but really you increase the life of all the power train downstream also - in the final drives and so forth - because you're putting less peak load through the power train.’
    • ‘Even though it's cheaper to rebuild the final drives than buy a new dozer, you don't improve the reliability of the electrical system, the hydraulic system, the steering, or the braking.’
    • ‘This isn't just an overdrive cog added to the old gearbox either, but a whole new set of close ratios with the new top gear being only slightly higher than the old one, while first is now slightly lower, as is the final drive.’
    • ‘It has a final drive ration of 3.543: 1 and weighs 236 pounds, about 26 pounds more than the five-speed automatic in the RX330.’
    • ‘The four speed auto gearbox has a final drive of 0.725, which combined with the final drive ratio of 3.9 really does make for effortless cruising within the official speed limits - or even when taken way past the maximum.’
    • ‘The final drives were selected for heavy-duty work cycles and a high tractive effort.’
    • ‘Power is transmitted via cardan shafts to the final drives at the front ends of the forward and rear chassis.’
    • ‘The final drive is also a critical parameter and must be adjusted with care.’
    • ‘The diesel versions, with an impressive 310 Nm torque output, use a lower final drive and are free of this annoyance.’
    • ‘The Allison MD3560 six forward plus one reverse speed automatic transmission has differentials and final drives on both the rear and front cabins.’
    • ‘The mechanical transmission includes primary reduction gear, two planetary final gearboxes and two planetary final drives.’
    • ‘The vehicle is fitted with an upgraded suspension system with improved final drives.’
    • ‘The engine is decoupled from the final drives allowing flexibility in the placing of systems in the vehicle and also easily allows two engines to be installed instead of one.’
    • ‘If you just consider propulsion and suspensions, each of these vehicles has different track, road wheels, road wheel arms, hub and bearing assemblies, final drives, sprockets, engines, transmissions and generators.’
    • ‘The tractor's axles and final drive were salvaged from an earthmover, and the gearbox came from a large military vehicle.’
    • ‘Unfunded improvements are available in the areas of bridge, suspension, hydraulics, final drives, electrical, and water rations heater.’
    • ‘Both gearbox and final drive ratios have been changed to suit the new engine and the result is very satisfactory.’
    • ‘There are disc type brakes, on each of the final drives, integrated by the transmission retarder.’
    • ‘The 60 hp model is fitted with a complete Carrero gearbox, backend and final drives similar to some of the smaller Renault Tractors.’