Definition of fimbriated in US English:


(also fimbriate)


  • 1Biology
    Having a fringe or border of hairlike or fingerlike projections.

    • ‘Pyelonephritis is most often caused by P fimbriated E. coli.’
    • ‘The most common hymenal configurations are crescentic, annular, cuff-like, septate and fimbriated.’
    • ‘Quite often, the tube has from one to three fringed accessory openings that may lie close to the fimbriated end or at some distance along the tube.’
    • ‘We wondered whether fimbriated strains have a different adherence from related nonfimbriated strains.’
  • 2Heraldry
    Having a narrow border, typically of a specified tincture.


Late 15th century (in fimbriated (sense 2)): from Latin fimbriatus (from fimbria ‘fringe’) + -ed.