Definition of filter tip in US English:

filter tip


  • 1A filter attached to a cigarette for removing some components from the inhaled smoke.

    • ‘It is no longer a big leaf, it is now in small pieces which are then eventually I think shredded before being wrapped in paper and having a filter tip put on the end.’
    • ‘‘It's like a filter tip on a cigarette in that it might help a little bit,’ he said.’
    • ‘I have discovered to my distress and inconvenience, that nowhere in the Middle East do they sell Swan Slim Line filter tips.’
    • ‘By that time I'd mastered the art of rolling a Dutch joint - fat and conical with a filter tip.’
    • ‘It feels like a real cigarette (well, a real plastic one) right down to its mock filter tip.’
    • ‘Filter tips help to reduce nicotine and tar levels.’
    • ‘This indicates that the filter tip has influenced the combustion of the tobacco column during smoking.’
    • ‘Tins and bottles are the main form of litter; old newspapers are burnt or put in the bin, and there are no filter tips on cigarettes yet, just stubbed out ends which are also put in the rubbish.’
    1. 1.1 A cigarette with a filter tip.
      • ‘Doctors linked smoking with ill-health in the 1930s and a cancer scare took hold in the 1950s but tobacco companies turned around sales by offering ‘safe’ low-tar and filter tip varieties, and with intensive advertising.’


filter tip

/ˈfɪltər ˌtɪp//ˈfiltər ˌtip/