Definition of filter-tipped in US English:



  • See filter tip

    • ‘And later this month BBC2 airs a satirical American documentary called The Last Cigarette, which intercuts footage of the congressional hearings with innocent ads from the 1950s extolling the health benefits of filter-tipped ciggies.’
    • ‘‘Perhaps,’ he continued, ‘every January 11 th - the anniversary of the Surgeon General's original 1964 report on smoking - we should all light up, giving a filter-tipped finger, as it were, to a health-obsessed government.’’
    • ‘At the beginning of the 1950s, filter-tipped brands occupied 1 percent of the cigarette market.’
    • ‘Only about 30 percent of the latter tobacco products were filter-tipped.’



/ˈfiltər ˌtipt/